MARCO Trac-IT Recipe Formulation

MARCO’s Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module

Accuracy, Traceability & Consistency

Recipe Formulation can be a complex and challenging operation that requires a high level of process control and reliable traceability.

From generating BOMs to final mixing, MARCO’s operator-friendly workstations will guide the operator through the intricate process, ensuring strict ingredient and manufacturing rules are followed.

Employing MARCO’s hardware and software systems to scan and label ingredients and mixes reduces human error and avoids spoiled batches.

The easy-to-use touchscreen interface helps simplify the process by using colourful clear instructions to guide the operator. This improves the overall performance and productivity of operations in addition to providing complete management insight, process control and forwards and backward ingredient traceability throughout.

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  • Step-by-step guidance through the formulation process using MARCO’s easy to use, operator friendly workstations
  • Increases speed and precision of the ingredient mixing process
  • Minimises costly spoiled batches
  • Ensures the safety of operators through real-time hazard warnings
  • Removes time-consuming paperwork
  • Provides accurate live weight and stock level data reporting
  • Health and safety messaging through HSE/GHS hazard symbols and phrases