MARCO - RTE-Convenience Food Solutions

Minimise giveaway, deliver consistency and reduce ingredient waste

Minimise giveaway, deliver exceptional product consistency and reduce ingredient waste

Improve your operational efficiency and deskill manual processes with MARCO’s effective and reliable solutions for the Ready Meal and Convenience Food industry.

Using MARCO solutions in your food manufacturing production facility can help maximise factory efficiency, promote employee accountability and increase management insight by tracking and controlling the complex ingredients in real-time; thereby optimising quality, productivity, profitability and traceability.

With MARCO’s unique combination of software and high quality hardware, operators use a highly effective, simple to follow red ‘no’, green ‘go’ system for fast, accurate portioning that is proven to increase speed, accuracy and consistency. The takeaway scales measure the weight removed from a bulk container and indicate a green ‘go’ light when the removed weight meets the required portion specification.

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