Eight key indicators for increased productivity

Eight key indicators for increased productivity and profit in Food Manufacturing

MARCO’s holistic approach for food production facilities increases profits through the increased productivity of production lines. MARCO systems drive increased productivity by delivering efficiencies and optimisations to food manufacturing operations including Food on the Go, Baked Goods, Ingredients and Recipe Box sectors.  Our offering targets eight key measurables such as increasing packing speeds, reducing labour on the production line and the elimination of waste alongside many other benefits, with notable improvements from day one.

The eight key indicators for improved productivity are:

1. Increase productivity: Our systems have been designed and manufactured to target problem areas in food manufacturing facilities and deliver productivity improvement efficiencies.

2. Reduce giveaway to below 1%: How much raw ingredient are you giving away with each product? Our systems are specifically designed to dramatically decrease waste in food production operations to below 1%, decreasing costs and improving profits.

3. Reduce labour requirements: Traditionally food manufacturing facilities require a high volume of workers to operate. Once installed MARCO systems dramatically reduce the amount of required labour and in some cases this can be up to a 50% reduction.

4. Quick return on investment (ROI): Our clients benefit from a fast return on invest stemming from the various benefits of a MARCO solution. Labour savings, increased production speeds and savings on raw ingredients are just some of the benefits resulting in a fast ROI.

5. Increase processing speeds: One of the many efficiencies our lines deliver is increased processing and production speeds, increasing your output and profits.

6. Increase control and management insight: Our Trac-IT suite of modules has been designed with traceability and control tools to provide a high level of insight and control to help management teams make informed decisions.

7. Quickly adapt to changing market conditions: Our products have been designed to be adaptable to changing conditions, clients with a varied range of products can use their MARCO equipment to produce a variety of food products.

8. Reduction in changeover time: Limiting downtime in-between product changeovers and cleaning is a priority for any food manufacturing businesses. Our solutions have been designed to minimise downtime with intelligent software and easily cleanable stainless-steel hardware to ensure your business continuity.

To find out more about of Food Manufacturing solutions contact one of our Regional Sales Managers to arrange a meeting. Additionally, we can provide full training online at your convenience.

Contact us at for more information on how we can support your business.

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