MARCO Covid Protection Screens

MARCO Covid-19 Protection Screens

MARCO further enhances operator safety with Covid-19 Protection Screens

2020 has posed a difficult challenge for operators in the Food Industry. With the world working hard to prevent the spread of Covid-19, pack houses have had to face shortages in skilled labour and navigating and implementing new ways to keep everyone productive and safe.

Inevitably for some businesses, the Covid-19 virus has been found in some workers and spread rapidly across the workplace leading to partial or full-site closures. At a time when business continuity and staff well-being has never been more important, we decided to set our development team the task of finding an automated solution.

Our industry-leading Yield Control Module (YCM) has brought huge productivity improvements to businesses around the globe. The latest version of our YCM software has additional Operator Traceability and Control tools to enable your site to manage the accurate deployment of ‘operating bubbles’. This ensures that each designated team or operating bubble, always logs on to specific machines/workstations and crucially, stops them from logging in and working on stations outside of their operating bubble. The process doesn’t require any additional input from the operator or manager, so is completely time efficient.

If a Covid-19 infection is identified on site, you will have full traceability for that actual member of staff and the operating bubble/location that they were working in at that time. You can also track it to the agency that supplied that member of staff. This will enable your management to quickly and accurately isolate the operating bubble, agency supplier and the area of production. This efficiency ensures maximum protection for your staff and the minimum of disruption to your production and should eliminate the need for a full-site shut down.

For 2021, in addition to our Covid-19 Track & Control software added to YCM; MARCO has now implemented Covid-19 Protection Screens in between operator stations to help maximise operator safety and traceability while minimizing risk during production. This addition to your line will increase the safety of your packhouse while still maintaining the added productivity that comes with implementing MARCO products

MARCO recognises the issues and challenges in the current global market and the threat to operator safety and business continuity that the virus has brought. Our new Covid-19 Protection Screens have been designed to increase safety and protect our clients through the pandemic and beyond.

For more information on how the MARCO Yield Control Module can help your operation during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond please contact our Sales Managers

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