MARCO recipe box

MARCO’s Recipe Box Production Control

Increase profits with MARCO’s Recipe Box Production Control

The boom in Recipe Box subscriptions during 2020/21 has seen many suppliers scale up their operations to cope with demand. Larger volumes can mean higher profits, but not if there are profit drains in your production process. For example, during the meal kit production process the recipe calls for 10g of mint, you’re charging your customers for 10g of mint, but how much are you actually giving them? 10g? 12g? 15g? Or more? Are you giving away your profit with every box you assemble?

How robust is your Lot Management? Do you have instant visibility and traceability on all of your ingredients? Do you log when it came in, expiry date, health and safety information and use Lot Management to inform you which ingredients came in first so needs to be used first to ensure no ingredient goes off in storage?

Are your labour costs for picking, weighing and packing efficient? Can it be done more precisely, faster and by fewer people?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions – or you’re looking to grow your profit, then MARCO can help. With over 35 year’s experience in the food industry, we know the pitfalls and how costly they can be. Our automated systems are simple to use for operators and the management team, with close to zero time lost on training. Unlike other systems, the full benefits of the system will be realised from day one of operations including:

• Increased productivity
• Reduce giveaway to below 1%
• Reduced labour requirement
• Product consistency
• Reduced waste
• Improved traceability
• Data recording/reporting
• Operator Traceability / Accountability
• Ingredient/Lot Management

The process starts with an on-site visit from one of our Sales Engineers, who will run tests on your current production line/system and demonstrate our Yield Control Module, Recipe Formulation Module and Quality Control Module. We will then work with our designers and engineers to build a bespoke solution to fit your specific requirements and demonstrate this with a fully itemised quotation document including our estimate of your return on investment, based on your current system. You’d be surprised how frequently a MARCO profit-enhancing system has its ROI measured in weeks and days, rather than months and years.

If you’d like to discuss what this could look like for your business please contact our Sales Managers

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